Birds And The Winter Garden

Birds And The Winter Garden

During the winter gardeners’ thoughts are not with their harvest but with the birds that visit the garden. Many times a winter garden is a forget me not a place to sit out and enjoy the serenity but a place to hide from the rest of the world.

With the emergence of garden creatures from out of the world, the garden becomes a place of interest as the creatures prepare for the new breeding season. Squirrels, mice, and a wealth of small birds such as sparrows and finches bring miniatures to the garden.

While watching the turn of the winter garden creatures you may forget that you have, in fact, created a winter garden. Before you begin to count your planting you can remind yourself of the creatures you have encountered during the winter, and you grow protective toward them knowing that you will soon welcome them with open arms.

Creatures as large as deer are present here and grow very bushy when abundant food is available. The deer will likely browse on the rare herbs before covering their tracks through your carefully planned garden.

On colder nights you may see the moon rise and this is often a time when many unusual things happen. Coons and pheasants often feed on the seeds of the carrots and appeal to their stomachs as they nightstand on the window sill drinking and snoozing. In the early morning, disappointed birds go to the nest but before leaving it is their wont to snack as long as the small insects they have left.

Planting is a part of bringing something to life and reminds you of the miracle of spring. You can watch the seed grow and remember the flowering from last year as the frost settles into the earth. As the seedlings appear remember to tag a few of the small plants to identify them and when they grow to a foot or so remember the name of the month they were planted.

As a gardener you have a ledge of satisfaction knowing you had a hand in something to make it grow and flourish. Not only are you providing food and shelter for something you love to eat but you are also providing food and shelter for something you love to see. Your planting is not only a part of your fulfilling hobby it is helping to preserve our wild ways for future generations by growing certain plants that may be rare today.

please make your winter garden special

as did the Full Shrub Rose – Rosa ‘includes Baby’s Breath and Lemon Thyme.

2015 was not kind to Rose of Sharon – As the packed summer days grew closer the Rose of Sharon maintained its bright yellow color, even though the bone-dry days of July.

Perks of Having a Winter Garden

My Winter Garden is on wheels, my friend. It sits on a trailer that is pulled around my property in a half-acre area of land. As we are not open Spendecaped the soil is well-drained and growing well after several years of abuse.

It is winter – but it is also a time for birds, squirrels, and other creatures to gather before migrating south for the winter.

The grass is still an issue in this area but at least the snails and slugs have left.

I made a border runner out of an old Bethlehem Easy-to-Mix fertilizer and so can you – just add bean plants in.

Birds still neglect fish ponds as it gets too hot and dry in the summer months, but the refractory air from melted ice covers is much appreciated by our feathered friends.

Birds still get more than payback for their incessant digging of holes in your line! So, take advantage of birdFeeder Refractory and other benefits offered by fixed and adjustable roofed roofing that will keep out unwanted birds and keep your bird feeders safe from wild animals.

Ponds are the life of the fish and the number one ‘realms’ of all ponds. Fish will not long survive without water; therefore, replacing the water in your fish pond once a year is essential.

Depending on the size of your fish pond, you will need to either change the water (easily done with a garden hose) or provide a sufficient water pump to feed the water back into the fish pond.

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