Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About Tomatoes

Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About Tomatoes

For many years the tomato was classified as a vegetable. Not for scientific reasons, but for reasons that simply made sense. Most fruits you simply pick up and eat, such as an apple or an orange, but as for the tomato, not many pick up a beefsteak or big boy hybrid and start munching, my wife is excluded, she loves to eat tomatoes.

Tomatoes are botanically classified as a fruit but because of their savory flavor, many still refer to this highly nutritious fruit as a vegetable. Tomatoes are so popular in the home vegetable garden that the USDA has noted that over eighty percent of all home vegetable gardens grow some variety of tomato. This is due to the fact that tomatoes are very easy to grow, they are very healthy for us and our body and make for a great hobby.

Not many of us have heard the fact that tomatoes are an herb. At one point in history, two hundred and fifty years ago, scientists believed that the tomato was more of an herb than a vegetable. This belief continued until scientists were assassinated by the tasty flavor of a tomato and the medium that it grew in. From that point forward, tomatoes became a fruit referred to in America as a vegetable.

You pick up a tomato in your local store and it meets all the criteria to be called a tomato. Then your friend comes home and is a container garden of tomatoes, he tells you that he loves how good they taste but he doesn’t know what to do with them. Your family storms outside and picks up a bunch of tomatoes for the salad. As an adult, you know that you can’t have all the tomatoes you want so at work you decide to get your husband to go grocery shopping.

On the way home from grocery shopping he spots a tomato on the roadside and stops to pick up a tasty tomato for his salad. He generously gives you the tomato and you two go to work. You pick up your salad and bring it to the table and he thanks you for the tasty tomato you have given him. That is how good tomatoes are.

Next time you want to eat a tomato be sure to save some for your salad. Tomatoes are delicious in almost any salad. In this article, we will focus on a salad.


Lettuce is a favorite for sandwiches and salads and you can buy them in many different shades of green. Let us take a close look at lettuce. A typical lettuce head has three seeds in the center and four facingath the edge. Most of the iceberg lettuce you see has three seeds in the middle of the head and four facing out the edges. There are several other varieties but this is a popular style of lettuce.

Lettuce likes the sun, so if you are growing lettuce you want to figure out what type of lettuce you want. Then you would figure out where to plant them. Lettuce is nice for salads and you can combine them with almost every vegetable. Other types of lettuce reframe salad, which is triangular, braided, and comes in colors. There is also a red iceberg variety.

Keep in mind the amount of water you give your lettuce. Lettuce needs a lot of water to grow and it will wilt if you give it too much or too little of it. Also, don’t be afraid to eat your lettuce! Lettuce is loaded with nutrients and vitamins. And the more you eat, the more you absorb.

An interesting fact about lettuce is the number of vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy adult is twenty strength. That means a cup of lettuce has six Vitamin A nutrients, two Vitamin C, and nine Vitamin K. Lettuce is really a good source of iron too.

An interesting string of related facts is that boys want to be like their mothers. Grow your own lettuce and make sure male children do so with their mothers. Growing lettuce is a good way to get their attention. It is a plant that they can care about and a vegetable that they can harvest. Let them choose the lettuce they want to grow. They can choose the color, size, and shape that they want. The sooner they grow the more sure they are of their choice. It is fun to watch them choose the lettuce. Then watch as your lettuce crop continues to grow.

Lettuce gardening is easy and fun. It is a crop that can be planted in a container, pot, or garden. Start small so that you can find the space for it in your garden. Enjoy the rewards of having your own fresh lettuce. So, give it a try, and good luck to your lettuce garden.