The Stupendous Brilliance of Trident Maple Bonsai

The Stupendous Brilliance of Trident Maple Bonsai

The development of the trident maple bonsai has been a lengthy one. It is not known whether there are actually trident maple bonsai trees or just a bonsai with a trident maple root. What’s known is that the tree has been around for hundreds of thousands of years, growing from its native spot in what is now North America. It is believed to be extremely old, maybe even as old as man.

This bonsai is a yamadori hybrid, meaning it is a cross between the Japanese acer verticillate and the European acer pension. This gives the tree a stupendous amount of foliage and combines the best qualities of both the acer verticillate and the penii.

This is a beautiful tree, with extremely large leaves, and can reach a good overall size in the upper part of the 40-year life span. The leaves of the trident maple are large, fan-shaped, and have a resistance to rot and powdery mildew. Leaf yellowing will be significant on this maple, and mid-October to mid-November, when the tree is in its rhododendron phase, but the yellowing can largely be avoided by bonsai practices.

There are some who take issue with the labeling of this bonsai as a “monk” because of its root system. This is because the roots of this bonsai are not visible to the eye; therefore, they are not present to answer a question as to whether or not this qualifies as a “true bonsai”.

However, a bonsai, by definition, is a plant that is only doing those things that native North American plants do, and nothing more. By assimilating techniques of cultivating plants, whether they are domestic, wild, or plants, Japanese bonsai artists at times do things a bit differently than what we do.

By culture, we mean the culture of living things such as agriculture and horticulture, as well as the abstract art of designing them. By design, we mean the presentation of aesthetic qualities.

The trunk of the trident maple is designed low and flat. The branches follow the contours of the tree and are not symmetrical. This presents the tree in a very formal order of magnitude. There are precise forms, not unlike art, and movement. The trunk and branches have sharp angles that are not rounded off.

The branches have sharp horizontal or vertical planes and are not symmetrical. Again, there are precise forms and movements. The branches and the trunk have sharp angular proportions. The leaves follow the contours of the branches and do not stick out or down or misshapen.

This bonsai represents a tree that had potency and power through the name scent center or the heartwood, through which the sap flows. It is a symbol of might and power and is, for this reason, somewhat sacred and somewhat deracinated. It is also a tree that is difficult to transplant due to the demand for wood. Not all trident maples are of this hardy variety.

This bonsai has very delicate leaves and it is more suitable for growing in a more humid area. This probably has to do with the fact that these are the leaves that were most affected by the Dutch disease. If you do decide to grow this bonsai, make sure that you let it have at least moderate sunlight. If you do not let it have sunlight, you will have a bonsai with yellow leaves. The leaf color might look normal and the substance inside the leaves is said to be healthy, but this substance could be harmful to the bonsai tree. Therefore, it is best to grow this bonsai in a room where there is enough sunlight.

The bonsai starts out with a leaf color that will be bright green. This changes to yellow-orange as it matures. For the fall season, your bonsai will go from yellow to brown. For the winter season, the leaves will turn black.

It is a fact that the sap of the bonsai tree is thicker in the spring compared to the rest of the year. The sap flows from the side branches and continues down the trunk. It is only after these years that the sap will be able to go full flow and the tree will die.

Remember these tips on taking care of your bonsai tree and you will have a healthy and vibrant addition to your home.